me at the marekt

 From a very young age I knew I loved food. I dreamt about it. I would wake up in the morning and immediately think about what I wanted to eat that day. Not to mention I already went to bed dreaming of my breakfast (Ok–I still do all of these). I always loved to bake and I soon became knows as a “baker” to my friends and family. It wasn’t until my husband called me a “foodie” (there are others like me?!?) that I truly understood my passion.  For awhile I thought I wanted my own bakery storefront named FROSTED. Well,  apparently that costs a lot of money and time, and somebody in California already had the Frosted idea. So this blog is my bakery. A place where I try new recipes, shamelessly brag about my creations, pretend to be a photographer (thank you photo apps) and pretty much share the sweet side of my life. I’m no one special–just a girl and her purple mixer.



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The material here is copyrighted by Lena Patterson.  Please ask me for any clearances before using any pictures or information from this blog


7 thoughts on “LENA

  1. Jennaya Cannata says:

    You rock lovely Lena!! Awesome site and I wish you all the sweetness cakes have to offer!! You have a beautiful gift…Run with it girl!!
    Love ya always,
    Aunt Jennaya xo


  2. Cupcake Crazy Gem says:

    Wow, your story is super cool! I am doing a masters right now in behavioural analysis with the hope of working with Autistic children when I’m done but I spend more time baking than studying and I am inspired by your story! wish I could go to Culinary School too – how is it? I’m sure it’s way more fun than the school I’m doing right now!


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