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The material here is copyrighted by Lena Patterson.  Please ask me for any clearances before using any pictures or information from this blog


4 thoughts on “CUPCAKES

  1. Deedra Corona says:

    Hello Lena, I absolutely love your art!!! You are a very talented lady and obviously love what you do. I have a question; My son is getting married in July (in Tijuana, so I’ll be transporting everything in ice chests) and I’ve been asked to do the dessert table. How far in advance can I make the bride and groom pretzels? cake pops? Besides wrapping each one, how do you suggest I store them? Thank you, Deed


    • Lena says:

      Hi and thanks for reading! I would say you could make the pretzels about 1-2 weeks in advance if you store them in an airtight like a tupperware. The cake pops are tricky.. I would probably make those like a few days before and then bring them. Just to be safe you could put everything in ziplocs and then inside a tupperware too. Good luck!


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